Mobile fridge – R2000:

Mobile outdoor compact unit: Ice-Cream, Snow cones, Candy floss and Slush machine combo for 40pp with mixes, cups, sticks and operator; served at an function or at any venue-no electricity required R2500 or R4000 for 100ppl

Kiddies & Adult Catering Services:

Adults and Kids catering finger food: R30 – R55 pp
Kiddies:Range of mini cupcakes, mini pizza, mini burgers or hotdogs or macaroni pasta. Juices and dispenser can be included.
Adults: Range of pastries, Quiches, Samoosa’s, fish cakes, mini bunnies, sandwiches, eclairs,cupcakes, lamingtons, scones, muffins, Cheese and fruit platters. Why not arrange your private high tea?

Adult and kids buffet menu offered:

Roasts and veggies, Any Curry, Vegetable/Meat/Masala Breyani’s, Pasta’s, KZN number 1 SPIT BRAAI CHEF
Fully catered functions (based on work load and our availability; prices will be adjusted according to current meat; veg; grocery prices etc; your additional requirements eg sound; background etc). Walk in as a guest.Please stipulate your budget so that we can help you better organize your function:

Décor; Waiters; Starters and Mains and 1 Dessert (less 50 guests) from R11o per person
Décor; Waiters; Starters and Mains and 2 Dessert (less 100 guests) from R100 per person
Décor; Waiters; Starters and Mains and 1 Dessert (more than 100 guests) from R90 per person

Moist, flavoursome Spit braai (lamb), chicken tikka, 3 salads, rolls and a pasta from R120 per person

Carnival styled trailor food served on site according to guests needs: grills and pap, bunny chows, spit braai and pita bread and pizza and wors station for kiddies  (Dependent on your needs).

Private party-we cook and deliver to any site in Durban (Weekdays and weekends).

Office/corporate meals on wheels: order freshly cooked meals for your next Friday cheat day or team-building. Having a meeting-we platter and deliver!

Sweet catering:

Themed Buckets or boxes (niknaks, smarties, fizzer, lollipop and small toy) with personalized stickers: R30
Themed Party Packets (range of chips, sweets and small toy) with personalized stickers: R20
Themed Money tins (sweets or craft only) with personalized sticker: R25 each
Chocolate Fountain (can be used with marshmallows, banana, fruit, biscuits) without setup : R400 with 1kg Belgian Choc

Themed cupcakes from R15
Picture cakes from R450 depending on size Princess, Two tiers, Mould cakes, Baby, Bridal: please email pictures for quote

Candy floss / Popcorn machine – R550 with mixes
Slush machine R950 with mixes full day use
Operators from R150 depending on duration of party
Discounted specials on combo’s